God of the Sea (2020)


1h 30min
Fighting to defeat Buddha "Sun Wukong" . In order to enhance the combat power, the Taishang Laojun blessed and upgraded the gold hoop. Unexpectedly, the alchemy furnace was suddenly destroyed, and the gold hoop fell without a trace. In order not to annoy Sun Wukong, Taishang Laojun decided to send the former boy, Silver Horn, to find the whereabouts of the gold hoop in private. Silver Horn, who lost his mana in the world, got acquainted with Murakami Hawa in a fight with a bandit. Intimidated by the silver horn, Haiwa promised to help find the whereabouts of the gold hoop. By the old demon river, Haiwa was forced out of the prototype of the gold hoop by the Hydra at the time of the crisis, thus solving the nightmare that had troubled Haiwa for 18 years. However, the sudden appearance of Sun Wukong brought greater doubts to Yinjiao and Haiwa, whether the heavenly court suddenly changed, who was destroying the alchemy furnace and who was blessing the gold hoop, fighting the mystery of the Buddha ’s life, and the body monster The beast brought a torrential flood. Let's see how my wishful gold hoop can be turned into a danger, and we must choose our righteousness to settle Haianbang.