Long March Today (2019)


1h 45min
The film tells the story of two young people who are just 20 years old and have a relationship with China. The boy's name is Benedict Short. He is a Chinese-English mixed-race, his mother is Chinese, his father is British writer Philip Short, and he wrote "The Biography of Mao Zedong." The girl is named Margaux De Wilde, her mother is Canadian and her father is French. When she was in elementary school, her parents, who were diplomats, were sent to Beijing. Her childhood was spent in China. The two protagonists study Chinese at the same university in Beijing, where they meet and fall in love. In a "Chinese Modern History" class, the two first heard the teacher telling the history of the Chinese Long March; they were shocked by the soldiers who participated in the Long March of the Red Army and the story of the Red Army. So they decided to ride the motorcycle along the footsteps of the Red Army's Long March and visit the place where the stories happened. However, their decision was initially opposed by the boy's mother, but it was eventually convinced by the boy, so before they left, the boy mother told the two heroes about their family and the Long March and gave some The tokens of the year, so the two set off. The two started from the starting point of the Long March in Ruijin, Jiangxi Province, passing through Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces. They made a special trip to visit the old Red Army who participated in the Long March and the descendants of the Red Army soldiers who died in the Long March. They listened to the stories of the past. In the place where the Red Army’s Long March passed, they encountered more young people of their age. There are artists, dancers, craftsmen, athletes, etc. In addition to meeting these lovely people, they also walked through cities, mountains, snow-capped mountains and grasslands, and were attracted by the beauty of China's magnificent mountains and rivers. They were infected by the spirit of the Red Army and the good life of the present, and they saw how the new China was born and how the new China became the world's second largest economy. The film won the "Special Recommendation Award" in the documentary unit of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival.